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4 Stylish Tricks to Make the Groom Stand Out on the Wedding Day

April 8, 2024

stylish groom wedding attire ideas featured image

Are you brainstorming ideas for your partner to stand out against the rest of their party on the wedding day when everyone is wearing the same suit? Look no further! We’ve curated 4 innovative and stylish stylish groom wedding attire ideas to ensure they shine bright amidst the crowd.

1. Bow Tie Swap

groom attire for Niagara on the Lake Wedding

Add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your partner’s attire with a classic bow tie swap. While everyone else sticks to conventional neckties, your partner can stand out by sporting a timeless bow tie, or vice versa. Opting for a bow tie swap adds a touch of individuality and refinement to your partner’s ensemble, making them a standout presence in your wedding photos.

2. Colour Splash

Pearle Hotel Wedding

Make a bold statement by having your groom wear a different colour compared to the rest of the party, whether it is just a darker or lighter shade or a completely separate colour all together. Or if you prefer to have everyone wear the same suit colour, just swap out the tie colour so the groom’s is different. Adding a splash of colour to your partner’s attire is a simple yet effective way to inject personality and flair into their look while helping them stand out against their friends.

3. Jacket vs No Jacket

Kincardine Wedding photography

Keep your partner looking dapper with a stylish jacket, while the rest of the party embraces a more relaxed, jacket-free look. This is great for the summer months when it is a lot warmer outside. A jacket adds a layer of polish and elegance to your partner’s outfit, making them stand out on the wedding day.

4. Destination Wedding Attire

Dominican Republic Destination Wedding

Planning a laid-back destination wedding? Embrace the relaxed vibe by dressing your partner in pants while the rest of the group rocks shorts. It’s a casual yet stylish look that perfectly complements the easygoing atmosphere of beach or destination celebrations. Dressing your partner in pants ensures they look chic and put-together while still embracing the casual vibe of the occasion.

So, which of these 4 wedding attire ideas is your favourite? Whether you’re drawn to the classic charm of a bow tie swap, the boldness of a colour splash, the sophistication of jacket vs no jacket, or the relaxed vibes of destination wedding attire, rest assured your partner will shine on your special day!

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1. Can I combine multiple tricks to make my partner stand out even more?

Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match these stylish tricks to create a truly unique and standout look for your partner on your wedding day.

2. How do I ensure that my partner’s attire still complements the overall theme of the wedding?

Consider the colour palette and overall aesthetic of your wedding when selecting the specific details for your partner’s outfit. Choose colours and styles that harmonize with the theme while still allowing them to stand out.

3. Are there any specific accessories that can enhance the impact of these stylish tricks?

Accessories such as statement cufflinks, pocket squares, or unique boutonnieres can further enhance the impact of these stylish tricks and add a personal touch to your partner’s ensemble. Experiment with different accessories to find the perfect finishing touches.

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