You deserve more than just pretty photos capturing your love, your wedding and all the chapters that follow. You deserve to find someone who notices the small details, anticipates the quick moments, really captures you for who you are, turns your photo dreams into reality and will celebrate all the highs with you! 

I'm high energy!


I want to truly get to know you!

Let's uncover the uniqueness of your relationship—the quirky glances, the spontaneous bursts of laughter, and those moments that scream, "This is us." If you want a photographer to laugh with, cry with, dance with, be silly with and just have a great time with

- I'm your girl!

I have a fiery personality, fuelled by an Aries spirit that's never known the meaning of half-hearted. I’m the oldest of 4, so I’ve always been a confident leader, I’m quite the opposite of shy and you’ll always find me keeping myself busy whether it’s dreaming up a new project or planning my next vacation. 

Sure, snapping beautiful photos is a big part of what I do, but it's not just about capturing picture-perfect moments. My goal is to capture the real, raw, and ridiculously fun parts of your story. I'm all about noticing the beautiful, the intimate, the quiet and even the downright silly moments that make your bond uniquely yours.

Let's do things your way!

Think of our time together not as a standard photo session, but as a fun new date night with me as your third wheel. I’m not interested in the "should do's" or conforming to traditions. Instead, let's chase the ideas that set your hearts on fire and turn them into timeless art that'll make you smile for years to come.

Tropics > Snow

Espresso Martinis, Always

Lover of both sweatpants and heels

Happiest When: I book a trip

Pineapple on Pizza

Gym girlie

I met my person when we were both working at Boston Pizza. His name is Jesse, he loves dogs, tattoos and basketball, and he really is my best friend. We’ve been together almost 5 years now, we have both started our own businesses and we love hiking, travelling to tropical destinations and going out for “sushi” (Neither of us eat seafood- yes, we’re those people at the restaurant). 

Gluten-free lyft hexagon street art craft beer. Polaroid hot chicken venmo pour-over bicycle rights glossier boys. New moon meditation art party roof party farm-to-table.

My journey...




I thought I  wanted to work in the wedding industry one day.

I attended Western University and Fanshawe College for Film and Television production. 

Covid cut my fourth year short and I moved home. Being the type of person who needs to stay busy, I bought my first camera and decided to teach myself photography.

Fast forward three years and I have shot over 70+ weddings, a few being in beautiful destinations, found a job I absolutely love, and couples I am completely obsessed with! 

My Destination Wedding Bucket List

New Zealand 

Offering a 50% discount to shoot your wedding in any of these places

More Info!

"What a miracle worker!  We knew Nicole was the one! We had so much in common, and she provided us with the best energy and was just as excited as we were. Nicole was thorough with detail, and made sure she met our inspiration expectations and then some. To say the least, Nicole has become a life long friend and our go-to photographer we will use for every milestone. She is professional, friendly, a hard worker and her love for capturing moments truly shows in every photo. We couldn’t be more grateful to have spent so much time with Nicole and will recommend her for all the years to come!"

Kind Words...

- J + N

We believe in lazy mornings, short breaks, long kisses, and moments that feel like they go on forever.

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Adventure is the cure for anything that ails you, but it's somehow also true that there's no place like home with the one you love.

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